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Webinaire sur l’encadrement des enfants

Every child needs guidance. As parents, you meet this need according to your values, but also by taking into account your child’s temperament, age and physical and emotional needs. It is important for him that the rules established in your family are simple and clear …

Give simple and clear rules

To love a child is also to impose certain rules on him. These are necessary as much to prevent him from hurting himself as to teach him to respect people and the environment. Your child therefore needs rules, but since he does not know them yet, you will have to teach them to him.

In general, we begin to teach him rules from the moment he manages to move easily, that is to say around the ninth month. From this age, your little one can learn simple rules.

Your toddler is following a rule if you explain it to him, taking into account his age, his ability to understand what you are asking him and to remember it. Teach your child one rule at a time. Introduce a new rule only when the previous one is well integrated into everyday life.

From 18 months, take the time to explain the “why” of a rule to your child. Explain in simple, clear and colorful language, that is, showing him exactly what you want from him. This will make it easier for him to understand, accept and adopt this rule.

Learn to say “NO”

The important thing is to be constant: what is NO remains NO. For example, you have just forbidden your child to touch the oven door, but he still tries to approach it. You say NO firmly.

You can then pull him away and offer him a toy to distract him. If he starts playing, praise him. If he is crying, repeat NO slowly, reassuring him. If he is older, explain to him the reason for the ban. Is he coming back to the forbidden place? Start over by saying NO. Several times are often necessary, do not be discouraged